Forward F@!Kin Movement!


Introducing Modern Displacement

Steven from Anaconda let me in on this little tidbit. We got a new crew in the MT…

Words From David

Here’s something that has been posted around. I can verify that it actually came from David Belle but some of the sources are legit. It’s worth the read either way.

I’d like to make it simple for everyone to understand once and for all!

I created and alone decided to put a K in Parkour, that is now used in every possible way, and where the whole world invents their lives like Zephyr who says ‘I also, my father who was in the military transmitted Parkour to me and I have practiced… for 25 years!’ This kills me, but well certain are far away in their heads but not in the right direction! : )) I am the only one to have received directly and verbally the teachings of this method by my father! I am the only one at the beginning to have put my life in danger for this sport to exist! I made sacrifices and I put my heart into it! The Yamakasi are at the origin of a movement that everyone knows as “move outside, move together” and that’s all, there you go our common point. My father did like all the other fathers or old military men! He gave little advice of sport to whichever young people wanted to learn; but never, and I repeat my father Never spoke of Parkour to anyone except me!

Don’t forget you aren’t in a world that respects you, you are in a world where each person takes what they want without asking permission and does what they want! And I don’t like that! There you go, that’s why I prefer to stay alone! Or then with brothers of arms that have the notion of values and who respect their word! You don’t play with death! My father isn’t anymore, and as long as there rests in me the breath of life! I will defend what he left me!

Thank you to all the practitioners of Parkour, with or without acro it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to enjoy learning and to evolve and not to get hurt. So thank you again for believing in this discipline and good luck on the path of life. And shame on those who without ever asking have made business with a name that did not belong to them! The bill will be expensive! You do not play with death! I would never betray my family or my brothers! All the rest I don’t trust because there is too much treachery in this world! I had learned to trust, this world taught me to be careful!

So continue to advance for yourselves. Don’t listen to the stories anymore because there aren’t any! Except one, the truth! Parkour does not have to be liked or disliked! Parkour is here and it will stay here forever! Because it was born from a pure heart and nourished from all the love that a son can give to his father! End of story.

Be careful and never forget that we are on earth to learn and to give, and not to steal, or lie, or cheat! Parkour raises us above this and must help us to feel good in our hearts, in our bodies, and each person should think to fill up their own life!

I am going to soon have a son, therefore it was important for me to tell you this! Because a new Parkour awaits me! To be a FATHER : )) The most beautiful gift of life!

I love you all and continue to flood the streets with your joy of living!

Thank you,

David Belle

Pro-Gres-Sion SON!


1. A movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state, esp. gradually or in stages.

2. Kent Johns

Back At It Again!

Props to UM for being so hard at it. Big things are happening in Missoula… ya heard me!

Andrew Fortunate Showreel 2011

This is Andrew from UM (Unparalleled Movement) in Missoula MT